Criticism erupts over Anthropologie's $100 trash can

Criticism Erupts Over Anthropologie's $100 Trash Can

Retailer Anthropologie is facing criticism for one of its products.

The item in question is its West Village Corrugated Can which is currently selling online for $99.95, a reduction from its original $148.

The issue at hand seems to be the high price juxtaposed with the familiar, aged design which was inspired by old New York City bins.

One reviewer wrote on the product's page, "Anthropologie, really?! Are you serious? $100 for a rusty trash can!!"

The type of person who would be interested in the receptacle has been characterized by a writer on Yahoo as one who drinks kombucha, composts with worms, and otherwise lives a natural lifestyle.

A Facebook user posted sardonically, "Designer trash cans, just like the one Bob Dylan used to live in. Pre-stained with bespoke corroded iron alloy and organic dog feces."

References to the container Oscar the Grouch occupied have also been made.

That said, a person did note on the Anthropologie site that "This can is a beautiful example of aged corrugated metal."
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