Cops found Ted Cruz's wife on roadside, thought she was a danger to herself

Cops Thought Ted Cruz's Wife Sitting By Freeway Was 'Danger to Herself'
Cops Thought Ted Cruz's Wife Sitting By Freeway Was 'Danger to Herself'

Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi, was once so depressed that a police officer wrote: "I believed that she was a danger to herself."

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The incident happened in 2005 shortly after Heidi quit her high-powered job at the White House and moved to Austin, Texas, to be with her husband, who was state solicitor general.

Police responded to a 911 call about a woman in a pink shirt sitting next to an expressway and found Mrs. Cruz sitting on the ground ten feet from speeding traffic with her head in her hands.

The story appeared in Monday's New York Times and was first reported by Buzzfeed.

Fast forward to today and Heidi has taken a leave of absence from her job as an investment manager for Goldman Sachs to help raise money for her husband's presidential campaign.

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They have two little girls, Catherine Christiane, 4, and Caroline Camille, 7.

In his book, A Time For Truth, Ted wrote that Heidi's moving to Texas "led to her facing a period of depression."

She rebounded from her depression and now says: "I want to use it to strengthen people around me and to recognize that we all have rough patches," according to The New York Times.

See images of Cruz on the campaign trail:

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