Kevin Durant clears up thoughts on the media

Kevin Durant Thinks the Media Is Too Mean to Kobe
Kevin Durant Thinks the Media Is Too Mean to Kobe

Kevin Durant has been one of the NBA's best players since coming into the league in 2007. He has won four scoring titles and made a Finals appearance in 2012.

However, the kryptonite of Durant has seemingly been his relationship with the media, which has never been good. He has lashed out on reporters on multiple occasions whether it's about a question asked or if he disagrees with a statement said to him.

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Well, after Sunday morning's shootaround, Durant decided he wanted to "clarify his feelings about the media".

The former Texas Longhorn discussed how he doesn't hate the media because if he did, he wouldn't be speaking to them. Durant also said he thinks the media is looking for an opinionated and honest person, which he uses to describe himself.

To finish this off, Durant said the goal of the media is to "help fans know the game a little bit more than they know today. So that's my goal and hopefully that's your goal instead of getting headlines and clicks".

See the entire speech from Durant below.

Well, it's questionable to understand why Durant decided to do this because it came out of nowhere. However, since it's something he felt he had to get off his chest, maybe he was waiting a while to talk about this.

Going forward, this strange relationship between Durant and the media will continue.

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