Hue Jackson says Browns need quarterback

New Browns Coach Wants to Move on From Johnny Manziel Era
New Browns Coach Wants to Move on From Johnny Manziel Era

It appears the Johnny Manziel era in Cleveland is over. This weekend, new Browns head coach Hue Jackson was asked during a radio interview if the team was settled at the quarterback position. His response was blunt and not the news that Manziel was hoping to hear, per Pro Football Talk.

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For Jackson, this is the right move. He is entering his second chance to be a head coach after getting only one year with the Oakland Raiders, when he made them an 8-8 ballclub in 2010. Jackson can't waste time looking to fix Manziel when, frankly, Manziel does not seem to care. Everyone who follows football is well aware of his nonsense off the field, and his lackluster play on it.

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At this point, Cleveland needs to draft a quarterback with the second-overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft and simply trade or cut Manziel. You can't continue to have him on the roster if you aren't going to play him, only letting him serve as a distraction.

Jackson may or may not win in Cleveland, but he appears to be doing it his way.

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