Critics' Choice Awards: Amy Schumer named MVP, thanks managers she fired

Amy Schumer's Hilarious Reaction to Oscar Snub
Amy Schumer's Hilarious Reaction to Oscar Snub

Comedian Amy Schumer was given the MVP Award at the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday night and thanked everyone she could think of, including those she canned.

"I want to thank Guy Oseary and then the other managers that I've fired, Jimmy Miller, Itay Reiss, Derek Van Pelt," she said. "Thank you, but I thought I could make slightly more money with someone else and so I went to them."

"And Guy Oseary, I will also do that to you," she added.

Judd Apatow, who directed Schumer in Trainwreck, bestowed the honor to the comedian-actress.

"I am plus-plus-sized actress Amy Schumer," the actress jokingly opened.

"I do want to thank the critics and I mean it. I have felt very seen and heard by you guys and understood," Schumer said. "Your work helps my work, and I listen."

"This is so boring, I am so sorry you guys. Nobody cares," she joked about her speech halfway through.

Schumer thanked Apatow repeatedly for working with her and then made another crack about her appearance.

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"If you're an actress and if you have this area right here (gesturing to her midsection) you have to write your own stuff," she said.

Schumer went down the list of people she wanted to thank for her blossoming career, and before she closed, mentioned the victims of the Lafayette theater shooting.

"We can end gun violence together," Schumer said.

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