'They own him!': Donald Trump bombards Ted Cruz with vicious tweetstorm

Donald Trump Is Loving This Lawsuit Over Ted Cruz's Citizenship
Donald Trump Is Loving This Lawsuit Over Ted Cruz's Citizenship

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump tore into presidential rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in a series of early-morning tweets on Saturday.

Trump grabbed onto two new reports in order to question Cruz's character while simultaneously embracing his favorite issue against the senator: Canada.

Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother. Many, if not most, legal experts believe that is enough to qualify as a "natural-born" US citizen under the Constitution, but Trump has spread daily doubts about Cruz's eligibility for nearly two weeks.

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Trump declared Saturday morning that Cruz was a "natural-born Canadian."

The Republican presidential front-runner connected the Canada issue to a new report about Cruz failing to disclose a second bank loan that he used to boost his 2012 Senate campaign. Trump asked his Twitter followers on Saturday if Cruz had any unreported loans from Canadian banks.

"Ted Cruz said he 'didn't know' that he was a Canadian Citizen," Trump wrote. "He also FORGOT to file his Goldman Sachs Million $ loan papers. Not believable."

The New York Times reported Friday that Cruz wrote a letter the day before to federal-election officials to say both bank-loan disclosures had been "inadvertently omitted." Earlier this week, Cruz portrayed the first unreported loan, from Goldman Sachs, as a paperwork error.

Trump also bashed Cruz for his "wiseguy apology" to the people of New York for knocking Trump's "New York values." Cruz had given a backhanded apology not for his comments, but to New Yorkers who were harmed by liberal politicians.

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