The 'It' bag of the season may look very familiar...


Cooperative Structured Bucket Bag, $54, available at Urban Outfitters.

They may have scored their big break in Fall 2015, but that doesn't mean the bucket bag is going anywhere just yet.

The fashion favorite has been a mainstay for seasons now, with celebrities and bloggers alike toting it around on the daily. If you haven't yet made the switch from tote to bucket, you might want to reconsider.

Not only do the bags double as a crossbody, but its roomy interior gives you tons of space to store all your things. Not to mention, the design works for even the pickiest of fashionistas. They're really just the right fit -- structure but not too structured, and fashion-forward without being too out-there. Its silhouette really is universal.

Of course, with every good trend comes a million different styles. While there may be seemingly endless options out on the market, our favorite iteration is Cooperative's Structured Bucket Bag, which comes in a range of colors including yellow, a metallic green, ivory, and deep blue. The drawstring closure and polished metal accents elevate the bag to give it a bit more of edgy flare, while also creating that coveted bucket shape. The additional roomy interior pockets also ensure that everything you need on your daily grind has a place. The affordable $54 price tag doesn't hurt either.

It really is just as practical as it is pretty. It may just be the ultimate accessory to add to your fashion bucket list -- yeah, we went there.

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