Which presidential candidate gets the most money from your state?

Money Race Momentum Kicks Off 2016 Election

Although online fundraising democratized the money-grabbing business in politics, some places are known for being cash cows — and yes, we are looking at you, New York and California. But with White House hopefuls hailing from all corners of the country this cycle, some states are playing an outsized role in campaign finance.

InsideGov wanted to find out which presidential candidates are raking in the most dough from each state. Using data from the Federal Election Commission, we looked at each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia and found who raised the most money in each place. We combined candidate committee totals with the money raised by the super PAC(s) supporting each campaign, to provide a full picture of monetary support. (Note: Per the FEC's data, candidate committee totals reflect contributions of $200 or more. Therefore, candidates might have raised more total money due to contributions under $200.)

The data covers fundraising figures as of Oct. 15, 2015, the most recent data available from the FEC. Some candidates who have since dropped out of the presidential primary are included in this data. We've ranked our list based on how much money the top candidate raised in each state, with the lowest total going first.

While there are some predictable results here — you'd expect that Republican Gov. John Kasich would be the candidate to raise the most money in his native Ohio — some states surprised us. The reliably blue state of New York, for example, preferred a Republican candidate over its former senator, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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#51. Ben Carson

Jeb Bush and super PACs supporting him raised $32,502,925 in Florida.

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