The 10 best beauty buys for Valentine's Day


Ah, Valentine's Day -- a time to hug the one you adore even tighter, kiss them a little longer and spend the day together reminiscing on exactly why you fell in love to begin with. While Valentine's is certainly all about these beautiful things, there's no denying that you also want to look fantastic while doing them.

Whether you and your sweetheart are planning a fancy date night outing or something a little more cozy in the house, there are a few beauty products you need to have on hand that day to make him fall in love all over again. From a classic red lipstick to the perfect perfume -- check out the slideshow up top for the best beauty buys to use on the day of romance.

Watch below for more great beauty products to try:

The Best Beauty Products for Valentine's Day
The Best Beauty Products for Valentine's Day

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