Study: 'Wow!' alien signal attributed to comets

Study: 'Wow!' Alien Signal Attributed To Comets
Study: 'Wow!' Alien Signal Attributed To Comets

A famous sign that has long been attributed to aliens may finally have a scientific explanation.

A recently published study argues that the "Wow!" signal from 1977 was likely triggered by two comets which had not been detected at the time.

The original incident occurred nearly 40 years ago at Ohio State University when the school's telescope sensed energy from space that was unusually strong; its wavelength was also considered a favorable one for life in outer space.

After astronomer Jerry Ehman saw the paper readout, he wrote in red ink "Wow!" next to the numbers which is how the name came about.

While the signal has been investigated over the years, no other credible theories have been put forth until the recent research.

According to NBC News, "Antonio Paris at St. Petersburg College in Florida has found that two comets, yet to be identified in 1977, were in just the right position, and due to their halo of hydrogen might have given off energy in the right wavelength."

While skeptics have voiced their doubts, additional observations are needed to confirm or disprove the assertion.

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