Remembering the day Bill Belichick coached the New York Jets

2 Point Lead: The Day Bill Belichick Coached the Jets
2 Point Lead: The Day Bill Belichick Coached the Jets

The New York Jets have weathered some dark days over the last 15 years. But one day in particular stands out among the rest.

It was Jan. 3, 2000, the day that was supposed to spell a new beginning and a promising future for the Jets after Bill Parcells' retirement. But the press conference that was intended to introduce new head coach Bill Belichick to New York fans and media quickly took a turn for the ridiculous -- foreshadowing the next decade-plus of Jets history.

"I resign as HC of the NYJ," Belichick scribbled on a napkin shortly before the presser that was both introductory and an abrupt farewell. He hardly took the time to write out a full sentence before stepping, with both feet, into the New England Patriots organization.

Of course, Belichick has gone on to become one of the best head coaches in the history of the NFL with the Pats over the last 16 seasons. The Jets have won six playoff games over that span to New England's 21.

In the video above, 2 Point Lead took a look back at Belichick's monumental 24-hour tenure, thanks to the recollections of ESPN's Mike Greenberg and former Jets star Wayne Chrebet.

It's tempting to try and think about what could've been, but for Jets fans, it's probably a better idea not to -- especially this weekend, when the Pats are competing and 'Gang Green' home watching.

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