President Obama settles 'dog pants' debate in swift decree

YouTube Stars Interview Obama at WH
YouTube Stars Interview Obama at WH

Several important political and economic concerns were addressed in the YouTube interview with President Obama on Friday, but one debate was finally settled: Obama established the proper shape of dog pants.

YouTube star Adande Thorne, also known as sWooZie, ended his interview with the president by entering a "lightning round" of pop culture questions. This was when he pulled out his diagram of the infamous "dog pants" meme, which has caused countless argumentsonline over whether a dog would wear pants on all four legs or just their back legs.

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"The American people really want to know this one," Thorne said. "If you had to pick a pair of pants, for your dog, A or B?" (Choice A referred to pants on all four legs, while choice B referred to just the hind legs).

The president's response was swift and immediate. Whether he had decided beforehand, or was just exercising his executive decision-making skills, Obama pointed to choice B, pants just on the hind legs. Thorne asked if this was his final answer, or if he wanted to phone a friend, but Obama held firm.

On the other choice where all four dog legs are inside pants, Obama declared: "It's a little too conservative. A little too much."

So now the American people know: if a dog should wear pants, they are to wear pants on the back, and only the back, set of legs. Anything else is officially un-American.

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