Poll reveals worst 'office lingo' comments bosses make

Poll Reveals Worst 'Office Lingo' Comments Bosses Make

We've all heard those office lingo comments from our higher-ups that rattle in our brains -- and now we have a list of some of the worst phrases bosses use.

A poll of 2,000 office workers by the animal charity Spana ranked the top 50, and basically all of these will send shivers up and down your spine.

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Here are a few particularly painful ones:

No. 36: "Al desko," which means eat lunch at your desk.

No. 35: "Best practice"

No. 13: "It's on my radar"

No. 2: "We want you to think outside the box"​

Then there are the obvious ones, like "bring to the table," "no-brainer," "pick it up and run with it," "quick and dirty," "this idea has legs" and "wow factor."

The top comment according to the list is "blue sky thinking," which is talking about empty thinking without influence.

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