Parents of bullied kids speak out on their heartbreaking truths

No matter how lonely of a struggle it is for a child to be picked on by peers, any loving parent feels some sort of residual pain for his or her kid. To watch someone you love so dearly come home in tears, or be teased for things he or she can't control, can be truly heartbreaking

Several parents took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain what it's really like to have a child who's being bullied.

Feeling like those in control are doing nothing to mend the situation can be tormenting:
Knowing my daughter is being bullied and the school is doing nothing kills me

The worst part about your child being bullied is arguably not knowing how to help:
My kid is being bullied and I just don

It's devastating to know your child is bullied no matter what, but it's especially hurtful when it's for something they can't control:
I just found out my 11 year old son is being bullied for being different. It destroys me every time I can

Watching your hard earned money go to waste because of bullying might be very frustrating:
I can

A parent might feel helpless if he or she has never experienced bullying:
I was never picked on in school, but now it

There's a fine line between defending yourself and becoming the bully:
My 4 year old son is being bullied pretty badly. I

The only thing even worse than not knowing how your child feels, is knowing exactly how he or she feels:
My 5 year old daughter is getting bullied for being Mexican and black. I feel terrible because when I was a little girl the same thing happened to me

A parent might even become frustrated with a child if he or she isn't trying to stop the bullying:
My son is getting bullied at school. He is a bullys dream come true. My son does not retaliate, or even tell the teacher!! not sure how to fix this...smh

Sometimes, children show unbelievable wisdom in trying situations:
My little 5 year old is being bullied at school. My daughter spends her time trying to make the bully her friend, meanwhile I

Maintaining a tough exterior is even harder when you feel so vulnerable on the inside:
I found out last night that my 6 year old son has been getting bullied at school. My ex is meeting me at the school to talk to the principal. I

For more confessions from parents of bullied children, check out Whisper!

Bullying can affect more than just your physical self:
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