New York Daily News tells Ted Cruz to 'drop dead' on new cover

New York Daily News Tells Ted Cruz to 'Drop Dead' on New Cover
New York Daily News Tells Ted Cruz to 'Drop Dead' on New Cover

The New York Daily News is calling out Ted Cruz for a comment he made about Donald Trump having "New York values."

The outlet tweeted a photo of Friday's front page with the headline "Drop Dead Ted" and an image of Lady Liberty flipping the bird.

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The presidential candidates sparred over Cruz's comment on Thursday night's debate stage. Cruz argued that New York only focuses on "money and the media." In Trump's rebuttal, he evoked the city's reaction to 9/11.

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"We rebuilt downtown Manhattan and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved New Yorkers, and I have to tell you that was a very insulting statement," Trump said at the Fox News debate.

Many are expressing anger over the Daily News' front page on Twitter, calling it "embarrassing" and "disgusting."

Cruz has yet to respond to the cover.

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