Miss Washington resigns after failing to reveal she was jailed for DUI

Miss Washington Resigns After Failing to Reveal She Was Jailed for DUI
Miss Washington Resigns After Failing to Reveal She Was Jailed for DUI

Stormy Keffeler has resigned as Miss Washington USA after facing a firestorm for failing to inform contest officials of her DUI arrest, officials said.

The former served time in jail for driving drunk just two weeks before the pageant.

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The 23-year-old beauty queen finally resigned after struggling to maintain her title amidst the controversy.

She spoke to Good Morning America about the ordeal, saying: "I told people 'you can take the title off my cold dead body.' I was willing to fight till the end."

"After meeting with the production company behind the pageant and talking with my family I realized the most selfish thing I could do would be to continue with this," Keffeler told GMA.

"I'm still myself. I still have the opportunity to change the world," she continued.

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Keffeler is also involved in another police investigation.

Her boyfriend, soccer player Marco Papa, was found inside a South Lake Union apartment last month with a stab wound to the abdomen.

Police said Keffeler was the only person with him at the time of the stabbing, but the former Seattle Sounders player refused to press charges. No arrests have been made.

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