Meet Brad Myers, Derrick Rose's 'health handler'

Derrick Rose's Handler
Derrick Rose's Handler

Derrick Rose is a warrior for coming back from so many major injuries. Let's make sure we're clear on that.

It's also been fun to watch him play well without serious injury over the last year. Have you wondered how he's been able to return to his old form? The Bulls hired protection for him. Meet Brad Myers, a professional health handler.

C'mon, Mr. Myers' services have been desperately needed and such a hire was bound to happen. Take a look at a list of the ailments D-Rose has experienced:

March 2009 -- Wrist
March 2010 – Wrist
November 2010 – Neck
January 2012 – Toe
January 2012 – Toe (again)
February 2012 – Back
March 2012 – Groin
April 2012 – Ankle
April 2012 – Foot
April 2012 – Rest
May 2012 – Knee
November 2013 – Hamstring
November 2013 – Knee
November 2014 – Ankles
November 2014 – Ankles (again)
November 2014 – Hamstring
December 2014 – Illness
January 2015 – Sore knee
February 2015 – Torn right meniscus
December 2015 - Hamstring
January 2016 - Left knee

Now, Chicago's most precious player will be protected on the court, on the street, in the shower, at home -- everywhere.

Look for Mr. Myers under the basket with rubber gloves.