Kirstie Alley sets the record straight about her heaviest weight ever

How Kirstie Alley Kept 50-Pound Weight Loss Off
How Kirstie Alley Kept 50-Pound Weight Loss Off


Kirstie Alley recently stunned fans when she revealed she shed 50 pounds for the new year -- and this time, she says, she's keeping the weight off.

"My three options were to roller coaster forever, to just stay heavy or get myself to where I want to be and keep myself thin," she told AOL in an exclusive interview. "This time I actually think I'll keep myself thin."

It's been a 10-year journey for the former "Cheers" star, who said it takes her three or four attempts to kick a bad habit because she likes to "try to get away with things." Take her much-publicized cocaine addiction, for example.

"I used to do a lot of cocaine thirty years ago. But then I go 'Okay, that's it -- I'm not really going to do any more cocaine,' and I wouldn't do any more cocaine for like six months," she said. "I just like to push things to the limit, and if I find things that I like doing that aren't good for me, I somehow try and make it good for me. I thank God that I don't like murdering people."

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Even though the actress says weight loss success is all about "mindset," the decade-long journey also included some help along the way. Through years of struggling with her weight in the public eye, Alley started to feel a sense of "responsibility" for her actions.

"At first, when I was a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, it was all about me -- I want to get thin, I want to do this, me, me, me, me. And then I realized that it actually helped other people. I've gotten thousands and thousands of letters or messages from people who lost weight because of me."

While she received a lot of support from those who saw her as an inspiration, Alley admitted it hasn't been an easy ride.

"People are always like, 'You're so brave.' I'm not brave. I walk out of the house and its on the corner of every magazine. I mean, what am I going to do?"

Plastered on magazine covers also included false tabloid stories that hit home for her, especially when it came to false numbers about her weight. (For the record, her heaviest weight was 230 pounds, not 300 as many outlets reported.)

But there's one story from years ago that still makes her laugh today.

"This is the funniest one -- It was not even when I gained weight. It was years ago, that I loved chocolate so much that I ate about 200 pounds of chocolate a month, and I had a train that brought chocolate in from Europe ... I don't know how the train got from Europe to the United States!"

There weren't any transcontinental trains of chocolate then ... And there definitely won't be anytime soon. Alley is on track to stay thin thanks to a new partnership with Jenny Craig, which includes a personal consultant and a range of new healthy food options.

The star kicked off her new campaign with an incredible commercial shot on an exact replica of her old "Cheers" set -- which even brought back her castmates, Cliff and Norm (John Ratzenberger and George Wendt) for the incredible ad.

The spot marks the first time the trio has reunited on-set of the iconic comedy -- but it wasn't all laughs and smiles.

"It was sort of bittersweet," Alley revealed. "The set was an exact replica, and we were there all day hanging out, falling back into the groove of it, and then when we were done. We're so used to being on the show and then coming back the next morning to shoot, so that was like, 'Bye, we have to strike the set again.' "

Check out the incredible reunion:

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