Cris Carter thinks Chandler Jones smoked marijuana laced with PCP

Patriots' Chandler Jones Overdoses on Synthetic Marijuana
Patriots' Chandler Jones Overdoses on Synthetic Marijuana

New England Patriots linebacker Chandler Jones recently had to visit the hospital after reportedly having a bad reaction to some marijuana that he smoked. Cris Carter believes that the situation could have been a lot worse for the Patriots linebacker. On Mike and Mike Friday morning, he said that he thinks Jones might have been smoking some weed laced with PCP.


"So when he got to the police station, why was he smelling like marijuana? Because synthetic doesn't smell like marijuana."

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Carter believes that Jones wasn't smoking synthetic marijuana because he smelled of marijuana when he went to the police station. Not sure how Carter would know that synthetic marijuana doesn't smell like marijuana or even what kind of reaction smoking marijuana laced with PCP would cause, but to each their own.

Carter also believes that every NFL player should have their own "fall guy" to take the blame for them when they do bad things. So take anything Carter says with a grain of salt. It remains to be seen if Chandler Jones will play this weekend or exactly what happened to cause Jones to have the reaction that he did.

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