Chip Kelly will be getting $24 million over 4 years with 49ers

San Francisco 49ers Hire Chip Kelly as Head Coach
San Francisco 49ers Hire Chip Kelly as Head Coach

The San Francisco 49ers made a bold decision when they decided to hire former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly as their head coach. It was expected that Kelly would rejoin the college ranks, but the 49ers were able to persuade him otherwise. How did they do that? By paying him a ton of money.

Kelly's average salary of $6,000,000 will put him in the top ten for highest salaries for NFL head coaches. It appears that Kelly will not have the same control over the roster decisions that he had with the Eagles. That should work well for Kelly as his issues in Philly were more related to his roster decisions than his coaching. Kelly is a talented head coach, but having just coaching responsibilities should allow him to focus on creating a tight knit squad than making bad personnel decisions.

Kelly will take over for the 49ers after their disappointing season last season. He'll try to take them to the playoffs after the 49ers have failed to make the postseason in each of the last two seasons. Kelly had a winning record with the Eagles, which says that he's at worst a competent head coach.

It will be interesting to see if Chip Kelly will get the opportunity to work with Colin Kaepernick. He's the type of mobile quarterback that Kelly loves to utilize and despite Kaepernick's struggles, he's one of the most athletically gifted quarterbacks in the NFL. If anyone can save Kaepernick's career, it's Kelly.