Celeb dentist reveals the secret to A-list smiles at award season


We all know a lot of work goes into making celebs look super glam for award season, but their look is way more than just head-to-fashion, hair and makeup. A-list stars start prepping for their red carpet moments long before with skincare appointments ...and surprise, a trip to the dentist. Celebrity cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sherri Worth, who counts stars like Anna Kendrick as patients, reveals the great length stars go to get that perfect red carpet smile.

How do your clients prep for award season when it comes to their smile?

Award season is all about looking beautiful and making your smile shine for the red carpet. All the celebs come in for a last minute bleaching to brighten their smiles before the shows. I have even done a rush case of veneers prior to an awards show to make that camera ready smile for a celeb that was up for an award. It is a time when the celebs want to look and feel their best.

What types of toothy treatments are most popular with celebs?
Everyone wants their teeth to be white, bright and beautiful. The most popular service is bleaching because it takes about one hour or one hour and fifteen minutes and the teeth can come up 6+ shades. Plaque HD identifies the plaque and allows you to brush it off so when you bleach--the bleach hits every area of the enamel so the entire tooth is bleached. We have found that when the teeth are not cleansed, the bleaching does not work as well because the plaque is coating the teeth and preventing the bleach to hit those areas. We also send the celebs home with a tube of Plaque HD to help keep the newly bleached teeth clean and plaque free. In rare occasions, when bleaching is not enough, celebs will request porcelain veneers when they really need to fix broken, misshapen, or crooked teeth. Many of the perfect smiles that you see in Hollywood are made beautiful with porcelain veneers.

How much do those treatments cost?
The Plaque HD is about $21 and the in office bleaching ranges from $500-700. Bonding can range from $300-$1000 per tooth and veneers can range from $2000-5000 per tooth.

Do celebs come in repeatedly throughout award season?
Celebs will come in before a show to bleach because it is a fairly quick (1-1.25 hours) and easy process and the result is bright and white teeth.

What's the secret to an A-list smile?
The secret to an A-list smile is first healthy teeth, from there we can enhance color with bleaching and change size, shape, contour, alignment and everything else with either orthodontics, bonding or porcelain veneers.