What mid-life crisis? Recent study suggests it could be a myth

What Mid-Life Crisis? Recent Study Suggests It Could Be A Myth

The mid-life crisis is likely a myth, according to researchers from the University of Alberta.

While conventional wisdom has long held that happiness in adults forms a U-shaped regression that slopes downward as humans enter their twenties until they reach middle age, all such prior research has relied on cross-sectional studies. The latest determination, published in the journal Developmental Psychology, is based on data from two longitudinal studies.

Sociologist Harvey Krahn, one of the authors, said, "I'm not trashing cross-sectional research, but if you want to see how people change as they get older, you have to measure the same individuals over time."

What those measurements found is that happiness actually travels a marked and undeniable trajectory upwards as people exit adolescence and enter early adulthood.

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