Vacaville man finds stolen car for sale on Craigslist

Car Theft Victim Uses Craigslist to Take Down SuspectVACAVILLE --

It's been one long month for 26-year-old Ureal Amayo.

He initially posted his 2006 BMW on Craigslist to sell.

A "buyer" contacted him, and suggested swapping his Mercedes, which was also for sale on Craigslist, for Amayo's BMW.

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They agreed to meet at the Walmart parking lot in Antioch.

Amayo said the man trading the Mercedes had what he thought was legitimate paperwork.

"But when I went to the DMV, the guy actually gave me a stolen car with fake information," Amayo said.

Turns out, the paperwork was fake. After reporting the incident to police, he went on the hunt to get his car back. He figured since the suspect posted the stolen Mercedes on Craigslist, his BMW would eventually turn up there as well.

Sure enough, he was right.

"So I was looking there until I found the car. That's my car right there. That's my car right there," he said.

Amayo took matters into his own hands, contacting the suspect and posing as an interested buyer.

"It was kinda dangerous because I didn't call the police before," Amayo said.

He met up with 28-year-old Leslie Rhodes, at a busy gas station. He was sitting behind the wheel of a stolen BMW. That's when Amayo's cousin, who came along to help, dialed 911.

Amayo says in less than a minute, they could hear the sound of sirens from more than a dozen police cars.

"When I got off my car and trying to block this guy, cause they're trying to leave because they saw all the police coming. It's these guys right here. It's these guys right here. That's when police come out with their guns and they stopped the guy," he said.

Vacaville police arrested Rhodes not only for possession of a stolen vehicle but for possession of cocaine and ecstasy.

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