This $80 device may be the prettiest Bluetooth speaker on the market

bluetooth speaker nordstrom
bluetooth speaker nordstrom

Recover Outlier Bluetooth Speaker, $80, available at Nordstrom.

When it comes to shopping for bluetooth speakers, sound quality is the top priority. And once you've found a device that can fulfill on audio, other aspects -- bluetooth range, battery life, and aesthetics included -- become the cherry on top. Finding a device that can not only tick off that high-quality audio checkbox, but also manage to dish out hours worth of music in one cool design might seem difficult.

But the solution is actually pretty simple. Good news for all audiophiles out there who also love a bit of home decor: Recover's Outlier Bluetooth Speaker is undoubtedly the prettiest, and most practical pick on the market. Its lithium battery powers up to 8 hours of wireless tunes. Its wireless connectivity also ranges up to an impressive 50 feet, far surpassing many other bluetooth devices.

But of course, the real highlight is the device's beautiful wood panelling. The addition of genuine wood allows sound to resonate -- but it also keeps the speaker looking refined and modern.

For just $80, that sounds like music to our ears.

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