President Michelle Obama? Barack says 'no, no, no'

'Michelle Is Not Running for President'
'Michelle Is Not Running for President'

Don't expect to see a second Obama presidency any time soon.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Louisiana, President Obama told an attendee that there was no chance — zero — that First Lady Michelle Obama would jump into the presidential race.

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"Since you can't run again for another turn, is there any way that we as a group can talk the first lady into running," an attendee who said he is the father of a secret service agent asked.

"No, no no," Obama said as the crowd cheered.

"Let me tell you: there are three things that are certain in life," Obama continued. "Death, taxes and Michelle is not running for president. That I can tell you."

See Michelle Obama at a recent event:

Obama praised the work that the First Lady has done on obesity and with military families, saying that he was certain that she would be "really active" after the Obamas leave the White House.

America, you'll just have to keep waiting for another President Obama until Sasha and Malia are old enough to run.

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