Police: Man saws hole into neighbor's home to steal quarters

Police: Man Saws Hole Into Neighbor's Home To Steal Quarters

Quarters are relatively nominal in value, but that didn't stop a Pennsylvania man from going to jail for them.

Sammy Paul Buskirk has been accused of stealing 50 envelopes containing quarters totaling about $200 after sawing into his neighbor's adjoining home. According to the Pennsylvania State Police, on December 4th, the twenty-two-year old used tools to create a hole in a common wall separating their basements.

He then allegedly went into the victim's home and stole the money which was in the living room. Court documents reveal that the neighbor returned home later that day to find debris in her basement and the hole with a T-shirt over it; she also noticed the missing envelopes.

Officers were given permission to search Buskirk's home where they located a jigsaw and a covered hole. His mother reportedly told them her son stayed in the basement and that if "anyone cut a hole in the wall, it would be him."

The young man was arrested and charged with multiple crimes including criminal trespassing, burglary, and drug-related offenses.
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