Just because you're brave enough to run for president doesn't mean you're not afraid of snakes

How Hillary Clinton Would Spend the Powerball Jackpot
How Hillary Clinton Would Spend the Powerball Jackpot

Hillary Clinton isn't afraid to risk it all in an attempt to become America's first female president, but that doesn't mean she's fearless. In an interview with Amanda de Cadenet, Clinton opened up about the unique struggles female presidential candidates face, and also how much she hates snakes.

"What's one thing that scares you?" de Cadenet asked the presidential hopeful. "Oh, snakes," Clinton responded quickly. "I hate snakes."

She also described her last girls' night out thusly: "We were dancing and it was crazy," she said. "We were jumping, jumping, jumping."

Anything for that Beyoncé endorsement, huh?

See Clinton on the campaign trail:

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