Chili's takes a stand against the anti-tipping movement

Here's What's Behind the No-Tip Movement at Restaurants
Here's What's Behind the No-Tip Movement at Restaurants

Your next Awesome Blossom will not be hospitality-included. Tex-Mex innovator Chili's has come out as decidedly pro-tipping: Wyman Roberts, the CEO of Chili's parent company Brinker International, tells CNBC that Chili's wants its "servers to understand the importance of great service," and be paid in tips. Perhaps, though, the company is just strained from shelling out $750,000 a year for an egg wash that make its burgers more Instagrammable.

Several restaurants in New York and elsewhere, including fellow chain Joe's Crab Shack, have shifted away from tipping, since influential restaurateur Danny Meyer declared he would end the practice, but all have been small loaded mashed potatoes compared to Chili's.


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