Snap-arazzi: The best celebrity Snapchats of the week (1/8 - 1/14)


Adding our favorite celebrities on Snapchat is probably one of the best things we've done in 2016, so we decided to start tracking our favorite celeb Snapchats of the week in a new weekly franchise, Snap-arazzi.

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Every week we'll take screenshots of the best celebrity snaps you may have missed, because we know as well as anyone that keeping up with incessant Snapchat Stories can be, well, exhausting. Most people don't have time to watch Kylie Jenner chronicle her car rides every day or Eva Longoria live-snap her experience at the Golden Globes, so we'll do it for you.

From Kylie Jenner smoking a vape pen while she drives to Chrissy Teigen showing off her growing baby bump, we've got you covered.

Want to catch some of the snaps live? Check out the gallery below with all of the celebrity Snapchat users you should add to your friend list:

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