Report: Patriots' Chandler Jones overdosed on pills on Saturday

Patriots' Chandler Jones Had Medical Emergency, Sought Police Help
Patriots' Chandler Jones Had Medical Emergency, Sought Police Help

The New England Patriots have the biggest game of their season coming up on Saturday as they take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. The big narrative for the Pats coming into this game is largely centered on all of the key players that should be returning to action. However, they could now be without a key defensive player in Chandler Jones and for reasons far more concerning than an injury.

Reports surfaced this past weekend that Jones was taken to the hospital on Saturday, but the reasons as to why were kept under wraps. However, Chris Curtis of WEEI brought the reason to light and, quite frankly, it's a bit frightening. According to the report, Jones was transported to Norwood Hospital on Saturday after he overdosed on pills.

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The initial reports of what caused Jones to be hospitalized stated that his overdose occurred at the home of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, but that part of the report seems to have been retracted at this point with where the overdose took place being left out.

Obviously you have to be concerned about the ordeal in terms of Jones' safety, but this could also result in a suspension leading up to the Patriots' playoff game on Saturday.

What exactly Jones overdosed on isn't yet known, but if it was anything that falls on the league's list of banned substances, fines, suspensions, and other repercussions are definitely forthcoming for the Patriots defensive lineman. If that were to happen, the New England defense will take a big hit.

As for now, we'll have to wait for more news to break as to what exactly went down on Saturday and the circumstances surrounding the overdose. Where we currently stand, though, there's definite reason to be concerned for both Jones and the Patriots heading into the matchup with the Chiefs.

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