Lionel Messi fans vandalize Cristiano Ronaldo statue

Andrew Dowdeswell
Lionel Messi Wins Fifth Player of the Year Award
Lionel Messi Wins Fifth Player of the Year Award

There has been a long raging battle within the soccer world over the last decade. The debate has centered around two of the best players to ever play the beautiful game, and has led to major rivalries between fans of both players. The Ballon D'or voting itself illustrates the chasm in soccer right now. Teammates have stuck to their own teammates, stood by their man, at the detriment of the other.

I am, of course, referring to the ageless debate of who the best player in the world is. In particular, this argument focuses on two truly tremendous players. One Lionel Messi and one Cristiano Ronaldo. What makes this rivalry so unique is the unbridled success the two have had within such close proximity of the other. So often does one win at the extent of the other, and it displays an individual rivalry that has never been seen before in football.

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This rivalry between the world's two best players only intensifies when talking about the Ballon D'or, the award for the best player on Earth of that year. Both players have won it multiple times, and both players believe that they deserve it every year, and it's no different for the fans. So much so that some Messi fans have took to defacing a Ronaldo statue by painting a No. 10 and "Messi" in red paint across the back of the statue. It is a truly ridiculous, but hilarious, act, and displays the bitterness felt between not only the players, but the fans of the players also.