Dashcam video shows car with man sitting on hood hitting police cruiser

Dashcam Video Shows Car With Man Sitting On Hood Hitting Police Cruiser

Dashcam video from police in Michigan shows a bizarre fender bender to say the least.

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Police were called out to investigate a domestic violence complaint in Shelby Township on January 7th.

As the cops arrived, a white car was visibly approaching, heading in the direction of the police cruiser with a shirtless man hanging on to the hood.

The officers stopped their car. But the white car kept on coming and smacked directly into the bumper.

The man got dislodged from the hood. He staggered back and around the white car as the driver exited to plead his case with an incredulous police officer.

According to the Shelby Township Police Department's Facebook page, "After investigation, both brothers were arrested on separate charges."

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