This woman is allergic to her own touch

A Skin Condition That Turns the Body Into Art
A Skin Condition That Turns the Body Into Art

Allergies to your surroundings are no fun on their own... can you imagine actually being allergic to yourself? Hannah Arbuthnott can, as she has a condition called dermatographia, known as "skin writing" which actually does makes her allergic to her own touch.

The unique yet common condition effects 1 in 20 people, according to INSIDER. When you press on the skin of someone with the condition, it becomes raised and redden, similar to hives. "I have no allergies, but it's essentially an allergic reaction," says Arbuthontt.

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Arbuthnott says when her skin is scratched or even lightly touched it becomes inflamed, but most people with the condition, including her, don't seek treatment. "It will go away on its own. The medication is to get you to that point," Arbuthnott explains. "They have no idea why it goes away, why it even starts in the first place."

But the condition isn't all bad. Many with dermatographia can create unique designs on their skin."That's the kind of fun part of the condition. You can kind of draw smiley faces and messages to yourself and they stay there for half and hour," explains Arbuthnott.

Watch her story below:

This woman is allergic to her own touch.

Posted by INSIDER on Monday, January 11, 2016

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