This guy has Sir Mix-A-Lot's old phone number, and his text messages are more fun than yours

Stop Dialing 1-900-MIXALOT: Seattle Man Gets Sir Mix-a-Lot's Texts
Stop Dialing 1-900-MIXALOT: Seattle Man Gets Sir Mix-a-Lot's Texts

Jonathan Nichols, a law student at Seattle University, knew something was up when he started getting calls from the Lamborghini dealership back in 2012. Then came the pictures of bikini-clad women, the offers of backstage passes, and the party invitations. The calls and texts trickled in slowly until August 12, when he told the Seattle Times his phone started "blowing up off the hook." Nichols did some Googling and discovered that the Seattle rapper Anthony Ray, better known as Sir Mix-A-Lot (of "Baby Got Back," "Posse on Broadway," and Rhyme Cartel Records fame), was born August 12. "That's when it all made sense," he said.

Nichols, who's originally from El Paso, was about to graduate, and he'd gotten a local Seattle number to prepare for the job search ahead. Without warning him (or Mix, for that matter), Verizon gave Nichols the rapper's old cell-phone number. When the Times' Nicole Brodeur informed Mix of the snafu, he simply said, "Poor fella."

He also had some advice for Nichols, who's so far resisted any of the tempting offers meant for Mix:

"Don't check any text messages in front of your wife," Mix advised. "That would be the first thing. And don't answer any texts by saying 'Yes,' because people take 'Yes' differently with me. And usually you end up opening your wallet."

And one request:

"Tell him any really sexy pictures — little in the middle, and if she's got much back — give them the new number."

Click through to see Sir Mix-A-Lot through the years:

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