'The Bachelor': Kevin Hart and Ice Cube crash the show, surprise naked hot tub scene

Kevin Hart Crashes a Hot Tub Date on 'The Bachelor'
Kevin Hart Crashes a Hot Tub Date on 'The Bachelor'

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from season 20 of ABC's The Bachelor.]

Let us cut to the action with this week's surprise celebrity cameo. In the latest episode of The Bachelor, Ride Along 2 co-stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube could not resist crashing the party. The comedians made their debut on the ABC reality show at the group mansion, right before Ben Higgins snatched the adorable Caila away for the first one-on-one date of the season.

On this "ultimate ride along" throughout L.A., the budding lovebirds were trying to develop their destined bond-;the two are both software salespeople-;but the comedians initially killed their vibe. Ben and Caila were snuggling up in a hot tub at a tacky spa store (of all places) when Kevin Hart joined in for a...skinny dip! He flashed them both on his way out of the tub and gave them a first date memory they will never forget. Luckily, the night ended on a high note when Ben stole his date away for some much-needed alone time, ending with a private Amos Lee concert, a slow dance and a late-night kiss.

See photos of 'Bachelor' moments so far this season:

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Now, to back it up, the episode began with a sexy start: a quick (but amazing) shot of Ben shirtless. The small-town heartthrob was getting ready for the first group date, in which he took ten women back to high school, where they competed in academic and physical games to win some precious alone time.

Though the group date began with the women acting friendly and sipping champagne in the limo, the tides quickly turned, and the claws came out. Jubilee gave Lace a death threat (okay, she was kidding...but still), Jackie was deemed to be "not great with her mouth," and Becca and JoJo got major side eyes when they absolutely failed at locating Indiana on a map. Come on, ladies. In the end, Mandi the dentist (who-;let us not forget-;dared to give Ben a teeth cleaning on the first day she met him) won the grand prize of some one-on-one time.

That night, Ben revealed he has a thing for women with names starting with "J." He kissed Jennifer, Jubilee and JoJo back to back, with the latter receiving the group date rose.

Naturally, this enraged Lace. For those who need to be caught up, the best way to describe her is through Caila's words: She is "50 Shades of Crazy." After night one, where Lace admittedly "got a little too drunk" and "a little too emotional," the real estate agent kicked the crazy up a notch. Throughout the show, she made eyebrow-raising remarks like "these bitches can suck it" and claims to have been "almost eye-f--king Ben." But her most concerning commentary, hands down, was her admission that there are different sides to her and that she was disappointed that "the person I didn't want to be came out." (Are we dealing with multiple personalities?)

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For group date number two, Ben decided to literally prove whether there was chemistry with each woman. Scientists ran tests to conclude who had the best natural connection with her newfound crush. Olivia came out on top (bragging to everyone who crossed her path), and Samantha had the lowest numerical match (sorry, girl). Olivia proved to be the true threat so far, after receiving the group date rose that night-;after also winning the first impression rose last week.

At the rose ceremony, Olivia stole even more alone time, Lace brought her typical whining and drama to the party (surprise, surprise), and Amber complained about getting no alone time, even though she's been far from aggressive about it.

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for: who went home. This week had a surprising turn when LB chose not to accept her rose (crazy, right?). Ultimately, Ben sent home Jackie, Samantha and Mandi.

Did you scream when Ben gave a rose to Lace? Is Olivia being too aggressive? Do you respect LB's decision to leave the show? Let us know in the comments below.

See all of the contestants vying for Ben's heart:

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