Teen's quick thinking saves infant brother

Quick-Thinking Teen Saves Infant Brother

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Memphis family is giving thanks after their week-old baby was saved.

The infant, who is now recovering at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, was at home when he stopped breathing. That's when his family said his teenage sister stepped in to save him.

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A few days ago Major's short life and fragile body took a dangerous turn.

"My mama she just started screamin'," said 17-year-old Ledea Euell.

She walked WREG through the frantic moments Saturday when her mother realized the infant wasn't breathing.

"She was running up and down the hallways with him and so she was like, 'He can't breathe -- call 911.' "

In the chaos somehow the Ridgeway High student remained calm.

"I laid him on the couch, I set his head back and I put my finger over his chest and I pressed down about 10 times. I held his head back with my mouth over his nose and mouth, and I breathed into him. "

She said her mind reverted back to a health class she took at school three years ago, and instincts kicked in.

"It's like something I just always keep in the back of my mind."

Major was born two months premature. Ledea's aunt, Tamala Crane, who is a nurse, said preterm babies are at risk for having weak lungs.

She's proud of her young niece for her quick thinking and called her "our little hero."

"I didn't know that they still taught that in schools because they've removed so many different things."

She doesn't think it's too early or too late to learn CPR.

"It just brought some awareness to me that anyone can learn it. "

Ledea said she doesn't want to be looked at like a hero; she was just helping her brother and encourages others to learn from her experience.

"Just pay attention to it."

The family said Major was taken to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital so doctors could run tests and he could regain his strength. He is expected to be released Tuesday.

His family said his mother is learning CPR.

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