Study finds exercise videos can cause psychological harm

Study Finds Exercise Videos Can Cause Psychological Harm

JANUARY 12, 2016 -- In case you needed another reason to not workout, you should know it can be bad for your mental health.

A new study found that some exercise DVDs include negative imagery and demotivating language.

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Researchers at Oregon State University reviewed ten popular DVDS and reported their findings in the Sociology of Sport Journal.

They found that one in every seven of the motivating statements said on the video, were actually negative.

They said statements like "You should be dying right now" or "You better be sweating" reinforce the idea that exercise is torture.

They also found that the videos perpetuated and reinforced unrealistic body images.

The study did not reveal which videos were reviewed.

They did say that some of the videos were not taught by certified trainers, which could lead to injuries.

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