21 crazy McDonald's menu items you can't get in America

Top 10 Exclusive McDonald's International Menu Items
Top 10 Exclusive McDonald's International Menu Items

McDonald's has more than 36,000 locations around the world.

Internationally, the menu varies based on the region and attempts to incorporate local cuisine.

Breakfast sandwiches, desserts, and french fries take a twist on McDonald's menus around the world.

Here are 21 items you can't get at McDonald's in the US.

McDonald's Argentina — the McWrap Veggie

McDonald's Argentina

McDonald's Argentina offers a vegetarian option with its McWrap Veggie. Tomato, parmesan cheese, egg, and mayonnaise are rolled into one to create a light menu item. Although McDonald's in the US has attempted to offer vegetarian items, the company says they don't sell as well as other items.

McDonald's Venezuela — Arepa with ham and cheese

McDonald's Venezuela

McDonald's Venezuela goes local by offering three different types of arepas on its breakfast menu. Arepas are a traditional dish of Venezuela that includes a soft buttered shell that can be filled with cheese, meats and veggies.

McDonald's Australia — guacamole and salsa french fries

McDonald's Australia

French fries take a twist at Macca's or McDonald's in Australia. The menu in the land down under offers two different kinds of loaded fries: bacon and cheese or guacamole and salsa.

McDonald's Slovakia — Macaroons

McDonald's Slovakia

McDonald's gets fancy in Slovakia and France by offering an indulgent dessert menu including macaroons, chocolate sticks, and mandise. Oddly enough, McDonald's Korea also offers macaroons.

McDonald's Switzerland — the New Prime

McDonald's Switzerland

McDonald's Switzerland just came out with a gourmet New Prime burger packed with two patties, Gruyère cheese, coleslaw, relish and sauces.

McDonald's Kuwait — pineapple sticks

McDonald's Kuwait

McDonald's Kuwait offers a savory item on its a la carte menu. It's website describes the item as "delicious and zesty new choice. Go on, give your kids a fruitastic time."

McDonald's Romania — pork sandwich with horseradish sauce

McDonald's Romania

The menu at McDonald's in Romania has its categories split up by meat: chicken, beef, pork or fish. The pork sandwich comes with mustard sauce, horseradish, onions, and pickles.

McDonald's Singapore — chicken sausage breakfast wrap

McDonald's Singapre

McDonald's Singapore just launched two new items to its breakfast menu — the chicken sausage and chicken ham breakfast wraps. Its website describes it as a "bigger and heartier" option and includes: scrambled eggs, cheese, a chicken sausage patty, a hashbrown, and ketchup all wrapped into one tortilla.

McDonald's Morocco — P'tit wrap fromage chèvre

McDonald's Morocco

McDonald's gets creative and native in Morocco by offering a wrap that includes breaded goat cheese, fried onions, goat flavored sauce, lettuce and tomato. Breaded or fried goat cheese is a traditional snack in Morocco.

McDonald's Switzerland — McBretzel

McDonald's Switzerland

McDonald's Switzerland also came out with its McBretzel burger loaded with cheese, apple mustard chutney, arugula, and a mystery house sauce on a pretzel bun.

McDonald's Kuwait — quinoa fattoush salad

McDonald's Kuwait

Fattoush is a bread salad made from fried pita chips. McDonald's put this traditional Arabian dish on its menu in Kuwait, which also offers a feta garden salad and chicken Caesar salad.

McDonald's Peru — grilled chicken dish

McDonald's Peru

McDonald's recently introduced a grilled chicken and rice dish on its menu in Peru. The bunless chicken is complimented with"arroz" which is rice. The arroz is prepared as is traditional in Peru, with chopped vegetables and corn kernels. It's even offered as a separate side like the french fries.

McDonald's El Salvador – pastel de queso

MDonald's El Salvador Facebook

It would be hard to tell from it's to-go style packaging that McDonald's in El Salvador offers cheesecake. But the chain claims the rich dessert to be "sweet, creamy and delicious."

McDonald's Panama — Pollo McCrispy

McDonald's Panama

McNuggets gain a counterpart at McDonald's in Panama. Drumsticks are also offered at McDonald locations in South America and Asia.

McDonald's Colombia — Yucas

McDonald's Colombia

Fried yuca is an alternative option on the menu at McDonald's Colombia and other South American locations. It's a typical Latin American cuisine that has a crispy exterior, but is creamy and gelatin-like on the inside. More savory than a french fry.

McDonald's Kuwait — halloumi muffin

McDonald's Kuwait

Halloumi is a kind of cheese made from goat and sheep's milk. At McDonald's in Kuwait, halloumi is grilled and topped with lettuce, tomato and an olive paste to create this unique breakfast sandwich.

McDonald's South Africa — chicken McMuffin with egg

McDonald's South Africa

Breakfast sandwiches at McDonald's in South Africa adds chicken to its menu. The chicken McMuffin includes fried chicken, mayonnaise, cheese, and egg on an English muffin.

McDonald's Morocco — fish balls

McDonald's Morocco

McDonald's Morocco offers fried fish balls on its menu. While fish sticks are offered at other McDonald's locations, the fish balls are described as "a fish croquette to enjoy with family and friends."

McDonald's Bulgaria — mush burger

McDonald's Bulgaria

Pork, horseradish and a bun make up the mush burger, which is offered at McDonald's in Bulgaria.

McDonald's Korea — tomato egg wrap

McDonald's Korea

McDonald's Korea offers a "country menu of happiness" and on it is the tomato egg wrap. McDonald's locations in Asia are known for offering out of the ordinary items such as the shrimp burger, pasta, and chicken veggie burger.

McDonald's Philippines – Chicken McDo with spaghetti

McDonald's Philippines

At McDonald's in the Philippines, you can order one crispy drumstick with spaghetti and meat sauce. And interesting combination, but an option nonetheless. Other McDonald's offer pasta on its menu.

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