You're cutting your pizza wrong

You're Cutting Your Pizza Wrong

BY: Troy Frisby

While it's probably not recommended by the USDA, for many of us, pizza is basically it's own food group.

But it turns out that, try as we might, humans haven't been totally fair when it comes to cutting equal slices.

Two mathematicians from the University of Liverpool looked into how people can split a pizza into precisely equal pieces.

Apparently, you need to have the steady hand of a surgeon to get it right. Because in order to cut evenly, people must create curved slices to form a monohedral disc.

The researchers admitted that they're unsure whether there's any value to their work beyond dicing up a nice pie.

Aside from that, the pizza research itself isn't foolproof. For one, it doesn't solve all major issues, because some of the slices will then be heavy on crust, while others will be lacking.

There's more than one pattern, but some of them get pretty intricate, considering the time and patience it would take.

Perhaps most importantly, this study ignores the cheese factor. Because as many people have learned the hard way, the only substance more volatile than uranium is melted pizza cheese.

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You're cutting your pizza wrong


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Chicago Deep Dish

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