Woman finds bloody finger tip in Applebee's salad

Woman Finds Bloody Finger Tip in Applebee's Salad

Applebee's confirmed the piece of a finger a woman found in her salad did in fact belong to one of their cooks.

Cathleen Martin filed a claim against an Applebee's in Paso Robles, California, after she found a bloody finger tip in her Oriental chicken salad. According to her lawyer, pregnant Martin, her husband and their first child all ate from the dish before finding the bloody finger tip.

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Martin's lawyer Eric Traut says the restaurant's manager confirms the unexpected and disgusting garnish belonged to one of their line cooks.

In a statement, Applebee's apologized profusely for the mishap, saying that while they can't force the cook to take any medical tests, the cook volunteered in an effort to give the family some peace of mind.

The claim is the first step in the upcoming lawsuit the Martins are going to file. They'll be suing for unspecified damages, medical expenses and lost income.

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