Why celebrities are obsessed with this $25 accessory


There's one thing Julia Roberts, Kaley Cuoco, Rosario Dawson, and Nigel Barker have in common: they all love to hydrate in style.

The water bottle of choice for Hollywood's biggest A-listers is S'well, the brand of bottles on a mission to save the world. Back in 2010, Sarah Kauss, the founder and CEO of the company realized there was a need to eliminate people's dependency of plastic water bottles, " Every day, walking around the city I love, I see New Yorkers carrying the one thing S'well dreads the most — the plastic bottle. In the US alone, an estimated 50 billion plastic bottles are dumped in landfill sites each year, and over 200 billion globally."

It was a giant statistic that was bound to increase if no one stepped in to intervene. So Kauss created a beautifully crafted bottle that not only keeps cool drinks ice cold for up to 24 hours or hot drinks toasty for up to 12, but also looks wholly sophisticated.

With designs ranging from faded wood to geometric patterns, S'well can be carried from the office, to the gym and then out to a cocktail hour. The fashion-forward designs let the bottle transcend the boundaries of what it means to be eco-friendly, and the vessel is now an undeniably chic fashion accessory.

If you've been swearing by plastic bottles for a while, one key aspect of S'well might just the nudge you to go green. When you buy one of the reusable vessels, you're also giving back to communities in need. That's because a portion of S'well profits go to UNICEF in the hopes to donate clean water to the world's most vulnerable children.

As an extra cherry on top, these amazing picks also ring in at an affordable $25. It doesn't get much better than looking cool, staying healthy, giving back, and saving your bank account, all in one awesome package.

To see celebrities with their S'well bottles scroll through the gallery below:

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