Waiter furious after discovering fake $20 tip was actually a Bible pamphlet

Waiter Gets Fake $20 Tip & Religious Message

January 11, 2016 -- A waiter in Kansas took to social media after discovering what looked like a generous $20 tip was not legal tender.

For 17-year-old Garret Wayman, the excitement quickly faded when he realized that, not only was the money fake, but it was actually a pre-printed religious message.

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Wayman had just finished serving a table at the at the Mulvane "DK" in Kansas, when he spotted what looked like a large bill tucked under the ketchup.

Unfolded, however, Wayman noticed it was actually just a bible pamphlet recommending he seek "faith thru Jesus Christ." The title of the message was:



The high school student aired his frustrations on social media and his story has now garnered national attention.

"He just left that," Wayman told Tech Insider. "I wanted to tell him that I only make $3 an hour and bust my a-- at my job to make way less than I deserve, but he was gone by the time I had the chance to."

Wayman, who says he doesn't even take weekends off as he works to pay off the $7,000 owed on his car, was excited because he had never seen a tip of that size left in the restaurant.

Many on twitter shared similar stories of being stiffed. Others calling it "un-Christian-like" and simply illegal.

The customer who left the fake tip has yet to make him or herself public.

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