Village votes on seal showing a white man fighting a Native American

Village Votes On Seal Showing A White Man Fighting A Native American

Residents of an area in upstate New York called Whitesboro are voting on Monday to decide if their controversial village seal will be changed.

The seal's image depicts what appears to be a white male with a clenched mouth choking a Native American man with a defeated expression.

However, village officials maintain that, in the scene, Hugh White, the Caucasian founder of Whitesboro, was simply engaging in a wrestling match.

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One local historian even claims that the Indians developed more respect for White after his win.

The seal's image has been changed over the past decades, with the hands moving closer to the neck in the 60s then towards the shoulders after a lawsuit in the 70s.

Should voters decide against the current portrayal, they will have the opportunity to choose from up to 10 other options.

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