This emotional support turkey on a plane is the king of the skies

Unusual Therapy Animals
Unusual Therapy Animals

Nothing says emotional comfort quite like a live turkey.

At least, that's what one anxious airline passenger thought when taking a gobbler along on a flight as a therapy pet.

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Reddit user biggestlittlepickle posted the picture on Sunday, writing that a neighbor, who is a flight attendant, captured the picture of the bewildered fowl.

We can't imagine the turkey was very happy in this unnatural habitat. It most likely needed a diaper of some sort and probably wasn't the quietest of passengers as it soared through the sky, to the envy of all other turkeys below.

If you have a doctor's note stating that you need the turkey for emotional support to fly comfortably, the airline is unlikely to have a problem with bringing it aboard. You just have to let the airline know 24 hours ahead of time.

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