The most expensive days of 2016 to fly revealed

Travelers Beware: The Worst Days of 2016 to Fly

Mark your calendars for these days to avoid flying, starting with March 17.

The CEO of ticket comparison website FareCompare tipped off ABC on the most expensive days of the year to fly.

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He said St. Patrick's Day will mark the end of the cheap winter season for both domestic and trans-Atlantic flights.

For domestic trips, a price hike will happen on May 17 with the start of the pre-summer season. Flying just a day earlier could save you money.

He called June 10 "the final jump of the summer," with airlines raising prices just when people want to start their vacations the most.

Lastly, for obvious reasons, Wednesday, November 23 and Sunday, November 27 are considered the most expensive days of the year to fly domestically.

What if you have no choice but to fly on those days, though?

The airfare search engine CheapAir reported last year domestic flights are cheapest four months to one month out.

On the flip side, international prices stay fairly stable until they jump three months before your departure.

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