OnlyOnAOL: Don't underestimate Eva Longoria: 'I'm not an idiot'

Eva Longoria On "Telenovela"
Eva Longoria On "Telenovela"


So let's talk about that ring, Eva Longoria. That massive sparkler on your finger, announcing your engagement to José "Pepe" Bastón.

"We haven't even begun to think about the wedding. It's been such a surprise. I'm just absorbing it," she says. "I have a lot of moments like this in life. I'm just really blessed. It's not specific to just this moment. I get to experience some pretty cool things in life."

No kidding. Now, Longoria is producing and starring in NBC's "Telenovela," a comedy within a dramedy, about the passionate, smoldering, and downright ridiculous antics of the actors and crew putting together their series. A key character on the show, airing Mondays: the wind machine.

Given that she's as hands-on in front of the camera as she is behind the scenes, did Longoria, as a woman, ever find it hard to be taken seriously?

"Not as a woman -- as an actor. I know what I'm talking about people. Listen to me! That's the barrier. I'm confident because I'm educated in my talent. I'm not an idiot. I'm over-prepared," says Longoria. "People smell fear and insecurity and I definitely don't have either of those."

Longoria exudes self assurance. She's all-business and knows precisely what she wants.

As a boss, she's "hands-on. Encouraging. I'm trusting. I invest in people. I really look for the best in people and I want them to achieve their best," says Longoria, a perfectionist. "I was never scared to move to LA. I knew I would be successful. If I was a dentist, I'd be a highly successful dentist. I don't do anything half-ass."