Learn how to take BLTs to the next level with this unique twist

I am thankful every day that sandwiches are a food that came into existence.

Not only are there several ways to prepare classic sandwiches — like using nothing but a coffeemaker to make grilled cheeses — but there are also endless tips and hacks to building a better sandwich.

Below, we'll show you a classic recipe for a BLT, but with an added twist.

We've decided to try out the popular "bacon weave" trend, where, instead of layering bacon directly onto the sandwich, it is crossed multiple times to make a distinct pattern.


  • Lay three strips of bacon vertically on baking sheet, right next to each other.

  • Fold every other strip in half onto itself.

  • Lay an additional strip of bacon perpendicular to the vertical strips.

  • Unfold the flipped strips back over.

You'll end up creating a crosshatch pattern for the bacon, allowing it to run across a single layer and not fall out the sandwich or fall apart inside.

Scroll further to watch the tutorial in the video, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Let us know if you'll be preparing your BLTs this way from now on, and please SHARE if you love finding new twists to classic dishes!

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