How to choose a leather jacket

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How to choose a leather jacket is a question that one of my friends recently asked me, and it had me thinking that this was a good subject for a post, particularly since it's something I used to struggle with as well. I definitely am guilty of owning more then one (I really love the edgy look it can create) and I wear mine all the time, although I do rotate between a few different styles.

When it comes to leather, I try to stick with higher-end faux leather pieces (I feel much more comfortable sporting it this animals harmed). You want to look for a faux-leather piece that is a bit thicker in material so it will wear well with time. The one styled below is a really great weight in my opinion and does an awesome job blocking the wind.

When it comes to design, all leather jackets are certainly not created equal. Personally, I love the details that can make a jacket completely unique. Here, I love the character that is added by the long buckle. Although this jacket definitely has a biker feel, I think it is a very versatile option if you are looking to invest in one that you could wear with a lot of different looks. However, I know that the the biker look isn't for everyone, so check out this one for a more feminine, fitted option. And this is great option if you are looking to spend under $100!

I think the first step when investing in a long term piece is figuring out the best style for you. Decide if you want to wear it more casual or if looking for a more dressed up number for work. If still unsure whether you are comfortable rocking a leather jacket (honestly, I fell into this category for a long time!) start out with a less expensive option and see how it feels! My very first moto jacket I tried was from H&M and it still remains one of my favorites, here is a similar style (save/splurge).

Shop more leather jackets in different price ranges here!

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