Golden Globes: Jonah Hill plays 'Revenant' bear, drops two F-bombs

Jonah Hill Was 'The Revenant' Bear at Globes and Jane Fonda Wasn't a Fan
Jonah Hill Was 'The Revenant' Bear at Globes and Jane Fonda Wasn't a Fan

The bear's brutal and gory assault on Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenantmight have been hard to watch onscreen, but it became a strong punchline at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill poked fun at the scene in which a mother grizzly bear attacks DiCaprio's Hugh Glass in an attempt to protect her cubs.

Introducing the first award of the night, Hill came onstage with a bear hat and spoke as the bear with plenty of censored F-bombs. "I've notoriously done zero press for the film," he said to audience laughter. "I'm a Daniel Day [Lewis] or Tom Hardy type of actor who doesn't like my face out there very much."

Before presenting the award for best supporting actress in a film, Hill thanked Dicaprio and director Alejandro G. Inarritu, the latter for the opportunity. "I'm a two-year-old bear from the Sierra mountains, you know. You took a chance on me and honestly, I don't forget it!" However, Hill did say of not being nominated, "You gave it to the lead actor and the supporting actor is just sitting there in the background."

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Tatum also asked Hill about working with DiCaprio -- "What did he taste like?" -- and about the green ribbon Hill was wearing on his suit. Apparently, it was for "honey awareness."

The scene was initially mistaken as one of sexual assault. The rumor set the Internet ablaze shortly after the film was first screened for critics. A Fox spokesperson said when the rumor erupted, "There is clearly no rape scene with a bear."

The Revenant nabbed four Golden Globe nominations, including best drama film, best actor (DiCaprio), best film director (Inarritu) and best score (Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto).

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