Could freeze-dried poop help fight against obesity?

Could Freeze-Dried Poop Help Fight Against Obesity?

Weight loss continues to be a struggle for many which is why one group of scientists has turned to an unusual potential tool—human poop.

Beginning this year, the team will begin testing the effectiveness of giving pills containing the freeze-dried fecal matter of healthy sized donors to a group of 20 obese participants.

The plan is to give each patient a capsule containing one to two grams of the substance each day for six weeks then to track their weight for a year.

The idea behind the poop pills is to replace the recipient's intestinal microbes with that of a presumably healthier donor.

While the researchers are admittedly unsure of the outcome, there is evidence supporting the idea that changing the gut in this way can affect weight.

Previously, twin mice of differing sizes had their microbes transplanted into other mice, and the ones receiving material from the obese member grew larger.

According to one of the researchers, should the treatment be successful in helping the subjects lose weight, the next step would be to identify the specific microbes at work for further study.

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